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Evaluation Runner

The EvaluationRunner manages the evaluation process for a pipeline.

To evaluate on the dataset defined in the pipeline you can run

runner = EvaluationRunner(pipeline)
eval_results = runner.evaluate()

The evaluate method will run each metric and return a MetricsResults object with the results.

metrics = evalrunner.evaluate(pipelog)
metrics.results() # returns a dictionary with the results

Evaluate on pipeline logs

If you use the PipelineLogger to log your pipeline outputs, you can evaluate on the logs directly.

pipelog = PipelineLogger(pipeline=pipeline)
# ... log or load logs
# Run the evaluation...
evalrunner = EvaluationRunner(pipeline)
metrics = evalrunner.evaluate(pipelog)

Evaluate on other data

You can also evaluate on other data by passing a Dataset object to the evaluate method.

dataset = Dataset(...)
evalrunner = EvaluationRunner(pipeline)
metrics = evalrunner.evaluate(dataset)