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Tool Selection Accuracy


Tool Selection Accuracy measures how well an LLM selects a tool / function in a given module.

The used tools are compared with the expected tools and the metric outputs:

  • num_correct: total number of tools that are selected AND called with the correct arguments
  • score: num_correct / total number of tools in ground_truths

Example Usage

Required data items: tools, ground_truths

from import ToolSelectionAccuracy
from continuous_eval.eval.types import ToolCall
tools = [
ToolCall(name="useless", kwargs={}),
ToolCall(name="multiply", kwargs={"a": 2, "b": 3}),
ground_truths = [
ToolCall(name="useless", kwargs={}),
ToolCall(name="add", kwargs={"a": 2, "b": 3}),
datum = {
"tools": tools,
"ground_truths": ground_truths,
metric = ToolSelectionAccuracy()

Example Output

"num_correct": 1,
"score": 0.5