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LLM-based Style Consistency


LLM-based Style Consistency outputs a score between 0.0 - 1.0 assessing the relevance and completeness of the generated answer based on the question. It assess style aspects such as tone, verbosity, formality, complexity, use of terminology, etc.

Scoring rubric in LLM Prompt:

  • 0.0 means that the answer is in a completely different style as the reference answer(s).
  • 0.33333333333333333 means that the answer is barely in the same style as the reference answer(s), with noticable differences.
  • 0.66666666666666666 means that the answer is largely in the same style as the reference answer(s) but there’s a slight difference in some aspects.
  • 1.0 means that there’s no dicernable style difference between the generated answer and reference answer(s).

Example Usage

Required data items: answer, ground_truths

from continuous_eval.metrics.generation.text import LLMBasedStyleConsistency
from continuous_eval.llm_factory import LLMFactory
datum = {
"answer": "Quantum computers work by utilizing quantum mechanics principles, specifically using qubits for complex computations.",
"ground_truth_answers": [
"A quantum computer is like having a super magical brain that can think about lots of different things all at the same time, really fast!"
metric = LLMBasedStyleConsistency(LLMFactory("gpt-4-1106-preview"))

Sample Output

"LLM_based_style_consistency": 0.0,
"LLM_based_style_consistency_reasoning": "The generated answer is formal, technical, and uses specific terminology (\"quantum mechanics,\" \"qubits,\" \"complex computations\"), which contrasts with the playful, simplified, and metaphorical style of the reference answer."